5 Ways to Start off the New Year!

Chelon Rieger

Emotional Energy Healing Coach – SRT Clearing Specialist

January is always cold where I live so I’ve been hibernating. Which has given me time to sort through the things in the house that I have no other choice to address because they’re staring me back in the face.

Clearing out the year before and changing the energy so that I can call in all the things I want to manifest for 2022!

Here are my 5 things I like to do to shift the energy around and create space for the year ahead!

1. PURGE- all those things that you hate dusting around, the junk that falls out of the closet on your head every time you open it, the drawer of mismatched lids and containers that you can barely close and NEVER find what you need, all the clothes that you put on in hopes to wear but then take it off and put on your favorite anyway. Get rid of them! Sell them! Donate them! Recycle them! If it doesn’t bring you JOY get rid of it! There’s no room for junk in 2022! This also includes your phone, email and social media. Stop allowing unnecessary things to take up space in your life. 

2. REARRANGING YOUR HOME– tired of looking at the same old living room? Do you have the same old routine every night before you go to bed? Lotion, phone charger, book laid in the same place all the time. Has that picture on the wall been hanging there so long the paint behind it is a different color? Time to switch things around. When we leave things sitting for long periods of time energy tends to get stuck there and that’s when we can get stuck in stagnation, feeling unmotivated, bogged down and blah. Switch things up! Clean out the dust bunnies! Let the energy flow again! Your home is an extension of you!

3. AIR OUT THE HOUSE – One thing I like to do frequently is open all the doors and windows and clear out any old energy in the house and allow for all the fresh air to come in! (Yes even at -40) Just to have all that fresh air to breath is so uplifting. Especially when we don’t get outside as much right now.

4. WRAP UP ANY LOOSE ENDS –  DON’T WAIT TIL TAX SEASON TO GET YOUR ACCOUNTING DONE! Start now when you’re cooped up in your house! That way you aren’t feeling rushed in the Spring when you would really rather be outside enjoying the beautiful weather! Go through your accounts and see if you have any year end subscriptions that renewed that you really aren’t using anymore and cancel them!

5. CLEARING! CLEARING! CLEARING! – I use sage or palo santo daily in my house! Because of all the people that are coming into my home on a regular basis I like to make sure I clear out any unwanted energy from them. Or if my girls and their friends bring anything home with them. (It’s happened! It’s not fun!) And with so much heaviness that we have been dealing with in the world it feels energizing to clear out anything that doesn’t belong to you!

All this may seem overwhelming right now. Start small.

You don’t have to tackle the whole room, maybe just one drawer. 

You don’t have to do the whole year of accounting, maybe just 1 month. 

You don’t have to rearrange the whole house, maybe its just the top of your dresser.  

Or maybe you just open up all the doors and windows and start saging that your neighbour’s start wondering if there is a fire! 🤣

Sometimes we need to clear out the energy before we even can figure out what we want to call in! Letting go of what is keeping us stuck energetically (even if it is that old sweater in the back of the closet taking up unnecessary space) so that we can receive those downloads and align with what our heart is yearning for. 

If you’re still not sure where to start, or feel like you’re having troubles letting go of something from 2021, reach out to me! I would love to help you start with a fresh slate this 2022!


Published by chelonrieger

Emotional Energy Healing Coach, specializing in SRT (Subconscious Release Technique) Clearing. I am passionate about guiding women to heal after heartbreak so they can discover the queen within.

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