Chelon Lockert

Emotional Energy Healing Coach

Certified SRT Specialist

I am passionate about inspiring women and guiding them through their transformation of embodying their Queen within. Healing childhood traumas that continue to cycle in their life. Releasing them to develop positive cycle that support the life that you desire. Offering Transformational Coaching Sessions to help you along your journey.

Latest from the Blog

5 Ways to Start off the New Year!

Chelon Rieger Emotional Energy Healing Coach – SRT Clearing Specialist January is always cold where I live so I’ve been hibernating. Which has given me time to sort through the things in the house that I have no other choice to address because they’re staring me back in the face. Clearing out the year before…

7 Signs you are Stifling your Emotions

And 6 Steps to Changing these Habits By: Chelon Rieger – Emotional Energy Healing Coach Are you stifling your emotions? Do you even realize you are stifling your emotions? I make it a point on my social media to have Mindful Monday. This gives you the chance to really check in with yourself and see how we…

5 Steps to Healing your Romantic Relationships

Relationships – can’t live with them, can’t live without them. A relationship can be one of the most beautiful things to experience, but lets be realistic, not everything is sun shine and rainbows every step of the way. You are two completely different people navigating through life together from different perspectives and different life experiences.…

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